Goodbye Stacey. Hello, Jekyll

04 Apr 2014

So… Stacey broke. A bunch. And I couldn’t figure out why. The documentation was minimal and mostly referred to outside sources on which they built the program (whoever “they” is).

Obviously, I’m not pleased with this. But, I came across Jekyll, and it looked similar enough that the transition wouldn’t be too difficult. Turns out, I was right. I’ve basically built this replacement in my spare time today at work. Rather that write up the whole shebang, I’ve been documenting it in my github commits. Check out the repo. In the future, I might rely on this to cover more of the technical changes made to the site, and leave the articles for actually discussing a topic in general and how I’ve tried to use it.

OH YEAH! Did I mention this is hosted on GitHub pages now? Because Jekyll and GitHub are friends, they host Jekyll sites for free. And it’s not like I’m doing anything outrageous here.

So, expect articles more regularly now that I’m not working against my backend. Also, since this is my personal site, I’ll probably include more web-unrelated stuff. I’ll be working on a way to get all that organized before tackling the CSS and getting it close to what it was before (because I really liked that old style).