Site Update: Archival Project

30 Oct 2017

I didn’t create this site until 2013. Before then, I posted updates on Facebook using Notes. Once Notes stopped being as prominent early 2014, I decided to start making lists on the site instead. I had, however, left the old lists on Facebook to fade away. Until now.

I’ve scoured through my Facebook notes for the updates that mattered to me (mostly music lists) and moved them here. The hope is that I can look back on this stuff more readily, and refer to them for making nostalgic playlists. I’ve tried to maintain the text and links from the original posts, with some exceptions: broken links or nonsense text outside the context of Facebook.

I made a mistake in investing my playlists in songdrop, which was not well-supported and is now closed down. Thankfully, I still have the list of songs so future playlists could be made.